USO Discover Germany: Bus trip to Triberg Schkenfest

Jun 25th, 2017
9:00 AM CEST ( 900B)

We can never get enough of this stunning Black Forrest area of Germany. With so much to offer and cultural activites to take part in, it’s one of the best locations for a completely fun-filled day. We will begin the day with an informative and picturesque walking tour of the city, after which you’ll have free time to enjoy the Schinkenfest in all its glory. Check out some local goods at the flea market by the stunning waterfall; enjoy tasty ham treats while listening to hearty folk music; and view over 800 traditional costumes as they parade through the streets in the afternoon.

To reserve your spot on this free trip, stop by the USO Center in Panzer bldg 2915 beginning Friday, June 2nd. A deposit of $20/€20 per individual or $40/€40 per family is required at time of sign up, but is fully refunded on the trip.

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