January 2017 USO Stuttgart Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Amelia Quinn!

Amelia is a breath of fresh air when she walks in for a volunteer shift because she innately knows what needs to be done and steps in quickly do to it. She has a constant smile and a funny comment that lifts the mood of the entire room. Lucky for the Stuttgart community, she also knows her way around a kitchen and naturally helps those around her who are still learning the difference between a bread knife and a paring knife. Amelia is an island of constant calm in the storm of event excitement! She’s organized but she’s also laid back. It is these qualities that prompted the USO to ask her to be the lead volunteer for two of USO Stuttgart’s most recognizable holiday programs – “Operation Cookie Drop” and “Take Dinner Home for the Holidays”. Without batting an eye, Amelia quickly agreed to take the lead and proceeded to execute the programs in a way that made them look effortless, and considering just how much effort it takes to make these programs happen - hats off to Amelia! Her dedication, hard work, and friendly nature put smiles on the faces of hundreds of service members and their families.

Thank you, Amelia, for all that you do for the Stuttgart community through your work at the USO. The USO is so proud to have you as a member of the team!

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