Winter 2019 Volunteer of the Quarter: Stephanie Kudelko

Congratulations to Stephanie!

Stephanie was selected as our Winter 2019 Volunteer of the Quarter! While she has only been a volunteer since November, Stephanie has already donated over 100 hours of her time! Getting settled into Stuttgart also meant stepping out to get acclimated in the community and meeting new people for Stephanie, which is how she found herself volunteering with USO Stuttgart. Stephanie doesn’t know a stranger and is always looking out for the USO best interest helping cover shifts that need extra help as a priority. She is also the resident newsletter guru and researches the most unique facts to share with our community. She’s an avid baker, meaning you can oft find her in the kitchen helping newcomers navigate the kitchen territory. We are thankful for your delicious treats, your time and your desire to give back! Thank you Stephanie!!

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