March 2019 USO Stuttgart Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Karolina Spangenberg!

Our USO Stuttgart Volunteer of the Month for March is Karolina Spangenberg. Karolina is a vibrant personality who is always willing to help, even in the worst of weather. Whether it’s rain or snow, 0600 or 1500 or a combination of all of the above, she never hesitates to assist. Walking to every shift she volunteers for (over 50 miles to date) and even with her two beloved cats in tow if we are lucky! During the month of March Karolina mastered the griddle and the art of pancake flipping, helped with Friday Fill up, national days, movie night, laundry, egg stuffing and our Mardi Gras quarterly lunch. Thank you so much for your donation of 40 hours during the month of March Karolina. Your passion and dedication make our events successful! Thank you!!

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