Summer 2018 Volunteer of the Quarter: Terran Jacobs

Congratulations to Terran!

Terran was selected as our Summer 2018 Volunteer of the Quarter! While she has only been a volunteer since end of February, Terran has already donated 477 hours of her time! While at the front desk she never rests, she is always busy. She will post events to our Facebook page, create crafts for children, make coffee, and has a special popcorn prowess. Terran has an exuberance that lights up a room. She volunteered for our National Have a Coke Day. She was hanging out of the USO van shouting to people passing by to come get a free Coca-Cola. She does not know a stranger. She has no fear talking to anyone. Her natural excitement helps newcomers to our garrison feel welcomed and like they can take a load off. Thank you Terran!

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