January 2018 USO Stuttgart Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Frieda Campbell!

Frieda is a staple of USO Stuttgart. Since 2002, Frieda has volunteered her time to help military families learn about opportunities to explore Germany. She has called, emailed, faxed, and taken trains, S-Bahns, and buses to secure information and brochures about tourist attractions, fests, and towns nearby. Frieda travels thousands of miles per year to foster relationships with German businesses. Her hard work is displayed in the brochures that line the walls of USO Stuttgart for everyone to browse through and take. Frieda also was an integral volunteer at our 26th Annual Golf Tournament and our Thanksgiving Dinner. She does all this with the most upbeat personality! She’s willing to share her stories and experiences with anyone who asks. Everyone is a friend to Frieda, and we sure do appreciate her for that! Thank you Frieda!

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