Quarter 1 2024 Volunteer of the Quarter - KT Aitken

Drum roll please! Join us in congratulating USO Stuttgart’s 2024 Quarter 2 Volunteer of the Quarter, KT Aitken!

KT became an active volunteer in USO Wiesbaden and has continued her volunteer career here in Stuttgart when she PCSed to the area. She joined the USO Stuttgart volunteer family in November 2023 and has already logged 251.75 hours for a lifetime total of 801.25 hours! KT serves as both an event and front desk volunteer serving over 4,900 service members through her efforts. KT jumps in wherever she is needed. Whether she is crafting, running the desk, cleaning, baking, cooking, or at an event, KT always has a smile on her face. She arrives early, stays late, and makes sure the job gets done. KT is a skilled baker and makes beautiful charcuterie boards with ease! KT has taught volunteers to make beautiful charcuterie to go boxes, handed out candy during the DES Spring Parade, trained on the desk, created a new program, baked for the center, served hotdogs, decorated eggs at our MilSpouse workshop, and much more! More recently, KT acted as lead volunteer for Military Spouse Appreciation Day, celebrating our spouses with beautiful charcuterie boards! KT has also stepped up to co-lead our volunteer meeting, Team Talks, to mentor and guide volunteers at USO Stuttgart. Last but not least, KT has started a new program for our community! Her pickleball meet-ups are very popular with our community. KT steps up for her community no matter what. She brightens any room she walks into and keeps us laughing with her New Jersey sass!

Thank you for all that you do!

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