Quarter 1 2023 Volunteer of the Quarter

Meet USO Stuttgart’s Volunteer of the Quarter for Q1, Christian Moreno!

Christian began volunteering one year ago in January 2022 and has donated over 260 hours over 71 shifts, despite being an active-duty soldier who frequently leaves on TDY. He has served as an event volunteer and USO Center volunteer serving 10,000 community members through his efforts and countless others in center. No matter the task, the time, or the location we can count on Christian to have our backs. Christian has even recruited other volunteers from his unit, encouraging them to get involved and stay connected. Christian has recently stepped up to become a lead volunteer for our monthly Throne of Games events. He works with 3 other volunteers to plan tournaments, monthly prizes, themes, and snacks. Christian takes every opportunity to build his skill set and loves to teach others new skills. His hard-working attitude and genuine desire to do good is reflected in everything that he does.

Thanks for all your hard work supporting this community, Christian!

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