November 2022 - Volunteer of the Month - Joanna Calahan

Congratulations to USO Stuttgart’s November Volunteer of the Month, Joanna Calahan!

Joanna has been a USO volunteer since June 2022! In that short time, she has already donated over 140 hours across 54 different volunteer shifts to support this amazing community. Despite being a newcomer to the community and getting settled in while also actively working on her Masters degree, Joanna always finds time to give back to her community. She helps to run the USO center desk, educate new volunteers, create pre-deployment morale kits, baking, cooking, and pretty much anything and everything you can think of. Joanna can always be counted on to jump in whenever we are shorthanded and is a true inspiration. Recently, Joanna has even stepped up to be lead volunteer for our volunteer Team Talks program! As a mentor and guide for new volunteers, Joanna’s passion for volunteering comes through in everything that she does. Joanna’s patience, kindness, and empathy make her invaluable to the USO Stuttgart team!

Thank you for your continued dedication to the USO and the USAG Stuttgart community!

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