July - Volunteer of the Month - Rose Candia

Meet Rose Candia, USO Stuttgart’s July Volunteer of the Month!

Rose first became a USO volunteer in August of 2021 at our sister center in Wiesbaden! When she found out she was PCSing, Rose came straight to USO Stuttgart. She joined the USO Stuttgart family in June 2022 and jumped in feet first on Fanta Float Day. Scooping ice cream for an hour straight is no easy task but Rose proved she had the guns! Rose quickly became an invaluable part of the team, showcasing her many talents in the kitchen and at events. This very skilled lady bakes, cooks, crafts, and probably walks on water! Rose’s upbeat personality and bright smile light up any room making everyone feel special. It is impossible to be in a bad mood with Rose around! Rose has a total of over 175 volunteer hours and has already completed 19 volunteer shifts at USO Stuttgart in just these few short weeks.

We are so happy to have Rose as part of the USO Stuttgart family! Thank you for everything that you do for us and our amazing community!

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