August 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Samantha John

Big shout outs to Samantha John as the August 2021 Volunteer of the Month for USO Stuttgart!

If there is a need Sam is the first one to jump in and help out, and she will always be the one with the biggest smile no matter what she is doing. Grilling, painting, delivering, cleaning, packing, cooking, organizing, serving, baking, designing, crafting, cheering, and even recruiting are a part of Sam’s many talents! Sam had her husband join the volunteer team, just in time to help make our biggest event of the year, Sun and Fun Day, a success! Sam brought out the fun as she served up 1000s of burgers and hotdogs, and there might have even been some dance moves thrown in while the DJ played! And with 16 shifts already under her belt in the short 2.5 months since Sam became an active volunteer with USO Stuttgart, we know we are on track to have many more fabulous events with Sam. Very much looking forward for all there is to come!

Thank you, Sam, for all you do for the community and congratulations!!!

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