July 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Aline Crowley and Kristina Sterling

Congratulations to the dream team, Aline Crowley and Kristina Sterling, USO Stuttgart’s Volunteers of the Month for July 2021!

It is 100% thanks to these two innovative volunteers that USO Stuttgart has been able to expand the program lineup and offer plant clippings for our military community. Aline and Kristina came up with the idea for a Grab & Grow wall where community members can leave plant clippings to allow others to start their own garden. From conception to reality, Aline and Kristina did it all in bringing this program to life. They even make sure they come by the USO regularly to maintain the garden wall to keep it as fresh and vibrant as the day it started. Then, they took these efforts to the next level by sharing their entire concept outline with all the other USO centers in Europe so this program can be replicated for a much larger military community. Helping to grow our communities one home at a time, Kristina and Aline are providing an invaluable service to our community! To date, in Stuttgart alone, Aline and Kristina have served almost 100 military families through these efforts since this program started 6 weeks ago. Way to go Aline and Kristina!

We are so proud to have Aline and Kristina as part of the USO Stuttgart volunteering team and sharing their love and talents in this way. Thank you Aline and Kristina for all you do!

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