Spring 2021 Volunteer of the Quarter - Missy Redding

Three cheers for Missy! She is USO Stuttgart’s Volunteer of the Quarter for Spring 2021!

Missy might be fairly new to the Stuttgart community, but she has had a big impact already. Missy is not one to be idle so she got started right away as a USO volunteer in January 2021, just weeks after her arrival! Since then she has already logged almost 200 hours doing such great things as USO Giveaways, Friday Feasts, Month of the Military Child, and so much more. But then there was the Scavenger Hunt. Missy brought in her daughter, and together they brainstormed a brand new program for USO Stuttgart to offer for our community… a Scavenger Hunt! This being COVID restriction time, the need was there for something for people to do and a way for them to connect. Missy and her daughter put in the time and energy to visit each base and came up with an engaging trek through the landmarks, which they then organized and presented for others to try their hand at. Her efforts have already paid off for over 200 individuals, and that number continues to rise as this is an ongoing program. With a start like this already, we look forward to what other great things Missy will accomplish in the future!

Please join us in thanking Missy for her outstanding service and congratulating her as our Volunteer of the Quarter!


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