January 2021 Volunteer of the Month - Anthony Jones

Congratulations to Anthony Jones, our Volunteer of the Month for January! Anthony has been a volunteer with USO Stuttgart since May 2020 and has donated over 113 hours.

Nothing can stop Anthony from volunteering, not even being TDY. While TDY, Anthony assisted with virtual volunteer orientations and became lead volunteer for NFL Watch Parties. The moment he got back to Stuttgart, he immediately signed up for in-person volunteering. Three days in a row, he helped pass out refreshments to people waiting in line for their flu shot. He also helped bake the cakes for the Kaffee und Kuchen Giveaway and helped serve the coffee and cakes for breakfast on Kelley.

We are so thankful Anthony is a part of our USO Stuttgart team. Thank you, Anthony, for your unwavering support.

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