April 2020 Volunteer of the Month Annalisa Bone

Help us shout to the roof tops “Congratulations!” to Annalisa. Her spunky personality and dedication to USO Stuttgart have earned her the title of Volunteer of the Month for April 2020.

When Annalisa began volunteering in February, she decided to sign up for any and everything she could. She hit her 25 hour milestone super quickly and was tracking to hit 80 hours before the end of March. Then things came to a halt, thanks to COVID19. Annalisa is a pretty determined person and decided that while she had to stay home, she would not stop volunteering. Since we began our Creative Connecting Series on Facebook and Instagram, she has been a huge part of them. Annalisa never fails to support our posts with a view, reaction, comment or share. Her volunteer challenge submissions keep us laughing. During Ramen week when she had no ramen and couldn’t get to the store, she submitted steak and simply referred to it as Ramen the entire time. The week we had Grilling recipes, she didn’t have a grill, so she submitted a baked chicken recipe. She’s made cereal snacks for her dogs and gone bowling with toilet paper rolls. Each week, we look forward to her submission. During this time, she has also recruited new volunteers and helped with Online Orientation. This Volunteer of the Month title is well deserved. We are so glad she is part of the USO Stuttgart team. Congratulations, Annalisa we are over the rainbow for you!!

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